Creative 1.0

Easily apply a sketch effect to any image


  • Easy to use
  • Possibility to customize effect
  • Turns images into scalable graphics


  • Interface is not very user-friendly
  • No undo option


You don’t always need a massive app like Adobe Photoshop to apply a certain effect to your pictures. Sometimes it's enough with something like Creative.

Creative is a simple tool that lets you apply very original effects to your photos, in such a way that they look like outlined sketches. The effect not only achieves an eye-catching result, but also turns bitmap images into scalable drawings that can be easily printed in large sizes to use on posters, t-shirts and the like.

All you have to do is open up any image in Creative and the effect will be applied immediately. You can then use the built-in sliders to adjust the settings and fine-tune the result. Creative also lets you easily colorize the image, and includes a wide color palette for that aim. Finished graphics can be saved in a variety of formats: PDF, GIF, PNG and even SVG.

Creative is easy to use and produces attractive results, but the program still has room to improve, especially in usability. There's no option to undo changes and images are hard to manage within the interface.

With Creative you can apply and customize a nice sketch to any image and transform it into a scalable graphic.



Creative 1.0

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